Getting Started with Personal Knowledge Management


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I've been trying to find a way to organize my thoughts, ideas and the things I'm learning. Today, I got introduced to the Zettelkasten method.

I used to write my notes in markdown (Docsify and GitBook influenced) and upload to Gitlab (or Github). For this, I mainly used Visual Studio Code.

Then, I moved to Joplin. I can directly preview the markdown file, insert screenshots and sync to dropbox. But I know, there's so much to improve in the way I organize my notebooks, sub-notebooks, notes and my life in general. XD

Install Obsidian

Beta Version 0.11.3

Before I get overwhelmed by the amount of information, let me first install one of the recommended tools for personal knowledge management -- Obsidian 01.png

Newbie Perspective

Directory? Structure?

The next step is figuring out a system. Ah. This could get me stuck. And indeed, it did. I only have a rough idea about the Zettelkasten method and I have yet to explore Obsidian.

For the meantime, I decided to name the vault "Travelogue" and created two folders.

  1. Slip Box
  2. References

I also enabled the Zettelkasten prefixer in the Core plugins. 02.png

Just enough to get started. Let's course correct as we move along.

Permanent Note


Reference Note