How to Setup REMnux VM in VirtualBox


1 min read

I recently got introduced to REMnux for Malware Analysis. It includes tools like peepdf and vmonkey which are used for analyzing files (e.g. checking embedded JavaScript and macros).

  1. Download the REMnux General OVA file here.
  2. Check SHA-256 hash. Note that shasum default algorithm is SHA-1. Specify -a 256 to get the correct hash for comparison.
    shasum -a 256 rremnux-v7-focal.ova
  3. Open VirtualBox. Go to File -> Import Appliance (cmd + I) image.png
  4. I used the default settings image.png
  5. Start. Try if peepdf is available. image.png


  • I used the General OVA file (remnux-v7-focal.ova). I got an error with the VirtualBox OVA (remnux-v7-focal-virtualbox.ova). image.png

  • The General OVA file size is slightly larger (5.29 GB). image.png

  • I mostly use VirusTotal to quickly check if a file hash has a known malicious fingerprint.