How to Setup Ubuntu Server in Virtual Box


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For this, we'll be needing an Ubuntu ISO file. I opted for 64-bit PC (AMD64) server install image which can be downloaded here.

The main reason I'm creating the VM is to install and test DefectDojo in a Virtual Machine.

  1. Open Virtual Box and click on New 5913efc804e2429cb39d15547a7decfa.png

  2. Set the name of the VM 77cb7e62e6ef45bdad15c3d819dd19b3.png

  3. For RAM, I opted for 2GB. 04fcfc6a92234053831d660a81151b1f.png

  4. Select Create a virtual hard disk now for the Ubuntu Server Image 70897c13c89845d7abbf546e834acd93.png

  5. Since, I only plan to use the image in Virtual Box, I selected VDI which is the default format used by Oracle.

    • Oracle: VDI
    • Microsoft: VHD
    • VMWare: VMDK db82145cc8ea4c3faf8dfd094a407be2.png
  6. Select the Dynamically allocated option to avoid occupying unused virtual disk sectors. 3a8b1dbd148947938693fa178fd2ed90.png

  7. I set the maximum virtual hard disk size to 10.00 GB 0a02eaea1daf4beca8857146fd766ecf.png

  8. Start the VM. 0cc535db7a19425eb9c0f0cd78dcafc2.png

  9. Select the server install image file (ubuntu-16.04.7-server-amd64.iso) and click Start 60f2cbe7281942d1b18d3616b3a7d722.png

  10. Install Ubuntu Server f1f46192049f4181894a0ee1012b5c09.png

  11. Login  🚀 1aec039176b549cca58c2694618d94ab.png

To scroll using the keyboard in Mac:

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